Monday, October 10, 2011

Bachelor & Bachelorette Cupcakes

WARNING: not for kids

Fondant boobs and fondant penis.
There's a lot you can do with this so be creative if you try them. They are also available for ordering.

80's Pacman Cupcakes

For Shayla and Ali's birthday's

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Eat the cake why dontcha?!

Just a friendly reminder. Life is sweet.
Eat the cake.
Take the plunge.

Don't always worry about the calories, or the outcome. Sometimes just to let go once in a while is what we need to thrive. I know for a fact I don't do this often enough. Tonight I am not making anything with sugar, but I promise you... I am going to eat something with sugar. Lot's of it.

Life is sweet. Eat the cake :)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Best Birthday Ever!

I normally dedicate this blog to cake, but today I wanted to share about something sweeter. My amazing friends, and my amazing birthday. I have to say, I had the most incredible weekend filled with laughter, good food and shenanigans. I wanted to share some photos from my party I threw at my house. I made a ton of appetizers, had a bartender over to mix some fancy drinks from Watermelon Martini's to Pineapple Basil Mojitos! The theme of our night was "Life is Sweet"... Enjoy the photos!

The poster that the club made us for our birthday.
We LOVE Social Nightclub.
We will probably still go when we are 70.

Some of the name cards I made for the appetizers.

Sugar scrub I made as favors to my guests.
"We all deserve a little sugar"

A big dish for candy. "Life is Sweet"

I personalized  llollipops for my guests as well.

The personalized water bottles (I made these too)

The personalized wine bottles I made
All my ladies love wine, even the cheap stuff :)

The Birthday bar.

The drink picks I made. Next time, I will print them on prettier paper.
They said...
"Life is sweet, Eat the cake!"
"Life is sweet at 27" (for me) and "Life is sweet at 25" for Samm.

Samm & I at our booth inside the nightclub.

To all the ladies that came friday night, I am so lucky to have you in my life... You are by far some of my favorite friends and I appreciate you taking time to come celebrate with me.

Not stopping there...

 Some more photos from the weekend... In no particular order.

Earlier in the day I got a cake made for me. Carrot with pineapple drizzle. DELISH!

I caught April and Ellen decorating my desk!

After bottomless mimosa's and a afternoon in old Sacramento,
We ended up on a free afternoon cruise. Complete with wine :)

After the cruise, we showered, bought dresses and again went to Social.

The gift from my coworkers... Oodles of Cake stuff.

From my sweet honey, A tiffany's cupcake charm & chain.

A special birthday menu at "The Press" restaurant. Such amazing company and great dinner.
Thanks to those who actually showed up. Stephanie, Steve, Shayla, Patrick... We love you.

I am so grateful for everyone that made my birthday so special.
Thank you for your love.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Cake pops!

Turquoise and purple cake pops.
I loved this color combo.
1/2 Carrot Cake 1/2 Lemon Raspberry
Hope they liked them!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sweet Tat!!

So I did it. I got a tattoo. It's the same cupcake that I put on the back of my car. I love it :)

Frog Prince Wedding Cake


Who knew when she kissed that frog it would be her prince! This cake was for a friends Aunt's intimate wedding. Carrot with cream cheese. Yum.
In his hands are two small gumpaste rings, one with a shiney non-parel diamond. She is wearing a tulle veil as well as holding a bouqet in blue and coral.
Yay for weddings!! 

Goodbye Andy!

A dear friend of mine made the big decision to move out of state to pursue more education. We are all very excited for him, but sad at the same time. It's probably good to know a lawyer though right?
I surprised him at his going away party with this cake. The top layer was a dark chocolate lager cake (Yes, I made it with beer!!) With a chocolate whipped cream frosting. The bottom layer was a Kristie Cake original -"Sparkle " Funfetti with a special twist.

We will miss you Andy. Good Luck!

Monday, July 18, 2011

4th of July Party

When it comes to parties, I am a little crazy when it comes to the matching decor.
For my last minute fourth of july party I made sure everything was red white and blue.

Cupcakes were just layered white cake with a bit of almond paste and whipped topping.
Red white and blue strawberries are easy! Just dip in white chocolate and roll in blue sprinkles.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

First Unhappy Customer

Begin rant.

So in business I can understand that not everyone is always going to be happy... But when it happens, it really hurts. Especially when it comes to your "craft" or "art". It amazes me what people choose to complain about, or pick apart.

It is my fault, because in the beginning I knew that this customer would be hard to please... I just knew it. Yet, I went for it anyway. While walking the cake into the venue, just the look on their face gave it away. I knew something would end up being wrong.

Honestly, it has been one of my favorite cakes thus far. It is by far the largest cake I have done, and took over 8 hours to complete. I skipped out on family plans, and got up early to finish it and deliver it. I had painted gold on to every little ball on this cake. I searched for the perfect tassel to add to it.
Some of the complaints were silly.
Another is that my cake was dry. That was interesting to me. Every cake I have ever made I test. Yes folks, I cut a small piece out of the cake to make sure it is ok.
I've remade cakes before. I always want them to be perfect. But who knows... Depending on how long it sits around, I can imagine it would get dry.

Maybe I have something to learn.
Maybe I should have followed my initial gut instinct and turned the business down.
I charged less than half the price of a custom cake shop. And I feel very firm in my prices because I am really reasonable.

There are a few custom cake shops in Sacramento and their prices are astronomical.
So if you are reading this, and you are considering getting a cake, I work very hard and do my very best to create something beautiful. But I am not perfect. Sugar is hard to work with and sometimes can have natural flaws. Always though... I do my best. I am always proud of my work when it leaves my kitchen... Always.

There is the prep, the clean up. The special pans and tools, the hand crafted decoration on your cake.
I do it all because I love it.

I'll admit. After I got the email with all the cake wrongs I made... I cried my eyes out on my way home from work. It makes me a bit hesitant to do a cake again. But we will see.
I think that if I ever get the hint of anyone being slightly picky again, I will turn down the business. It is not worth the stress. I will just recommend one of the pricey custom cake shops. They create perfection.

But... It's all a part of business right?


So after that long rant of hurt feelings... Here is another great blog piece about why it costs so much to get a custom cake.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Graduation Cake

A week long search for the perfect tassel,
Pounds of flour,
Numerous bags of sugar,
Enough marshmallows to make smores for the city
80 hand painted fondant balls
... The list could go on.

By far the biggest cake I have done so far

Here is the outcome :)
Hope you like it!

Friday, May 6, 2011

My first wedding cake

How nervous was I??
My first wedding cake...
After a minor meltdown. Crazy stress and a lot of sugar and flowers...


Sheryl's Retirement

I work in an amazing office. The women I work with are all unique and beautiful. I can truly say that I have done a lot of growing in the last four years, and these women are all my mentors and idols. Each one has a different role in my life, some more than others... Keeping me calm, listening to me rant or even just being the one to say Hello every single morning.

Today we say goodbye to Sheryl. She is the one in the office that keeps us in check, and always has others in mind. A kind hearted, sweet and dedicated woman. She has decided to go on to chapter 2. So of course... I had to make her a special cake.

Congratulations on your new journey Sheryl. You will be missed.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Bachelorette/Bachelor Themed Cupcakes Coming Soon!

A perfect addition to a themed party.
Some awesome names, and flavors. Will contain adult beverages in some, and with have an adult theme.
Stay tuned! (If you have any ideas email them to me at

Monday, March 28, 2011

Cake Pops

Ill make them any way you like them.
$18 a dozen.

They can have fillings, different glazes etc.
Watch out for my new cake pop menu!

Beals Wedding

My First wedding... I was so nervous. It took a lot of preparation and ingredients, a lot of time and help from my best friend and sister.

I can say, this was a success and the feeling of accomplishment was really amazing.
Thank you to my Dad for building these great cupcake towers.
Thank you to my wonderful boyfriend for painting and assembling them.
Thank you Mom for being my biggest fan.
Thank you to April for her cupcake pans.
Thank you to Jody for her kitchen, time, and help.
Thank you Sam for the moral support and help setting up. (Thank you also for wearing my awesome apron)
Thank you friends for being so encouraging of my craft.
Thank you Melissa Beals for getting married.

Without all of you, well... I wouldn't be making 200 cupcakes.

Chocolate & Vanilla bean cupcakes with a decadent cream cheese frosting.

The florist brought the flowers, and we got to set them up how we liked them. That was a fun added bonus.

I am very happy, relieved and ready for a beer in this photo.

Samm & I. Showing off the aprons.

The bride was very happy, I got good reviews and some requests for business cards. Overall I am happy I accomplished this. It is something I thought I would never do.
Would i do this again? ... Yes.   .  .  .  But not for a while.
Yay Cupcakes.