Friday, May 6, 2011

My first wedding cake

How nervous was I??
My first wedding cake...
After a minor meltdown. Crazy stress and a lot of sugar and flowers...


Sheryl's Retirement

I work in an amazing office. The women I work with are all unique and beautiful. I can truly say that I have done a lot of growing in the last four years, and these women are all my mentors and idols. Each one has a different role in my life, some more than others... Keeping me calm, listening to me rant or even just being the one to say Hello every single morning.

Today we say goodbye to Sheryl. She is the one in the office that keeps us in check, and always has others in mind. A kind hearted, sweet and dedicated woman. She has decided to go on to chapter 2. So of course... I had to make her a special cake.

Congratulations on your new journey Sheryl. You will be missed.